Thank You

From: “mick mick” []
Date: May 27, 2018
Subject: Thank you
To: []

I just want say thank you for try keep the peace and try save everyone history thanks you but I can’t understand people say no hate but they get to see they only one
make hate I want everyone live they life and atop with all that stuff bc it not get us no way in life it just make more hate and I don’t won’t that kinda life yes am pound
to be a while south redneck and I loveus history and flag don’t make me Racist no I not who the hell want to be not me but take us history from us make hate I mean why
they hate us sorry but I have like they hate us for what they see on black history month I am sorry but they have it esly then they undsisther I thank no on wacth it only
go off on it but I thank not have alot lie in it I not sure but black history month movie not show the hold story and that what wrong with everything but I just want it
stop that why I don’t like Obama bc I don’t think he the one start it bc no lie make America great again talke about us black people and white people we are beautiful with
we come together so why can’t we fight for each other you know fight real hate and evils