Southern Portrait Project

From: “Sasha Maslov” []
Date: Jun 16, 2018
Subject: Southern Portrait Project
To: “” []

Good afternoon H.K.,

my name is Sasha Maslov, I’m a photographer based in New York, originally from Ukraine.

I am fascinated by the South and it’s complex history and been exploring it when I can . I wanted to base my next project on the subject and one of the most fascinating sides I found in your story and story of other African-Americans who are active defending their heritage as Southerners.

I was wondering if you would be allow me to photograph you and take a short interview and if you could potentially connect me with other African-Americans passionate about their Southern Heritage.

It could be a very interesting photo essay and would help to tell your story and your cause. For projects like this I use environmental photography, similar to the project I’ve done on WWII veterans –

If you would be itnerested please let me know, my email is , I could come down for pictures and interviews sometime in July.

Thank you,