My Experience With Weighing A Speech Entitled Defending The Confederacy

From: “lonettajm” []
Date: Jul 6, 2018
Subject: My experience with weighting a speech entitled Defending the Confederacy
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Dear Mr. Edgerton

This speech iIwrote I know wouldnt be the best because i was only 12 when wrighting it I am now 13 but I can ashur you I worked very hard to get my message across. The date of my experience was January ,19 2018 that was the worst part it was on Robert E. Lee’s birthday. I feel that my freedom of speech was infringed upon because I had spent at least a month and a half perfecting my 5 page speech on basically how the confederacy was not racist. For example: in paragraph 1 I did plainly state ” This war on our Heritage is gone on far too long I for one am tired of being denied my right to be proud of my Southern Heritage I would like to start by saying in no way shape or form am I trying to offend or force my beliefs on anyone.” I then in paragraph 2 explained how saint Andrews cross was the battle flag and not the 1st 2nd or even 3rd national. In paragraph 3 I explained what each part of the flag ment and the meaningful message of “through the blood of Christ with the protection of God we the 13 states are united in their Christian fight for liberty”. In paragraph 4 I spoke of the brave men who wore the grey uniform or what the could find as a uniform I spoke of general lee I explained of how he freed his slaves but they stayed with him because he was like family I also told how Ulysses S Grant kept all his slaves even after the war with the quote good help is hard to keep I gave a few facts about Robert E Lee how he was offered command of the Union Army by Abraham Lincoln because and denied because he didn’t want to lead a country to invade his own state I also said how he was a religious man. In paragraph 6 I talked about my favorite general of all time stonewall Jackson bye how he got his nickname how he refused to give in to the Yankees when they were losing at the First Battle of Bull Run I also told them how Stonewall would tell his men “do not worry if that bullet is going to hit you because God is already decided if it is or if it is not” I also spoke of how he spread God’s word in every little and big thing he done. In paragraph 7 I spoke of the causes of the southern soldier I plainly described how it was not “SLAVERY” and i said ” Abraham Lincoln was once quoted with saying if I could preserve the union without freeing any slave I would do it so we fought a four year-long war that left 620,000 men dead on either side just from Battle even more died from sickness and disease servation and all the casualties round up to the about 1.5 million all fighting for one cause or another” In paragraph 8 I said ” so are we just going to let our heritage go our heritage is so important and people don’t understand how important it really is I hope with this speech I gave some people the true image of the Confederacy than the politically correct image set before most people a very good friend of mine once told me something that Something push me further to wanting my true Heritage to be kept alive that something was their war ended 1865 but ours has just began.” In paragraph 9 I extended paragraph 8 by saying I’ll say it again this Warner Heritage is gone on too long and we must stop it before any more damage is done one Bible verse to remember is proverbs 22:28 remove not the ancient Landmark which that bothers have set. So people please be proud of your heritage and spread the truth and be assured the South will rise again.” So that was what my speech entailed so I was ready to memorize it and give it at my next 4-H event where I could compete with my speech I wasn’t really competing though I felt like I needed to try to bring awareness of the Confederacy the truth I didn’t care about winning. So I took it to my 4-H office to see if my 4H officer who was really good with speeches could think of anything to add that would make it better in any way she read the title and shook her head so I thought oh my goodness this is not good then she read down half the first page put the paper down gave it back to me and said someone may think this is racist and she went on by telling me how it was racist I was kind of in shock I tried to explain to her the different things that the Confederacy was but she really wouldn’t understand I even pointed out to you Mr. Edgerton of what you do and how you spread your message and she kind of didn’t believe me I showed her my belt buckle which was the CS because I do historical reenacting and she proceeded to try to re write my speech this is what happened with my speech I still have it I will do everything in my power to give it one day because I did work very hard on it I will probably give it at the Battle of Middle Creek reenactment this year

I thank you for your time Mr. Edgerton and please keep doing what you are doing I am sorry for any grammatical errors. God bless you and your family.

With many thanks,

Jayla Moses