Saving Lee Chapel

From: “Wynonah Hogan” []
Date: Jul 5, 2018
Subject: Saving Lee Chapel
To: []

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

It was a pleasant surprise for my family to hear about your phone call to my dad, especially since we had been telling a friend about you the night before.

I am attaching a letter that I recently sent to the President of Washington and Lee University, Mr. Will Dudley. A friend of ours is a recent graduate of W&L and he told us about plans to change the college’s presentation of General Lee, mostly through the alteration of the historic Lee Chapel. You may read the full story of what is happening here:

This friend is part of a group of students who are working to save the chapel in its original.

As I said, I have attached my letter of protest to the President of W&L. Would this be an issue that you would consider lending your voice to? I believe that you have a very powerful message that could lend clarity to the decision made at W&L.

Thank you for standing for truth! It has saved my love for the South.


Wynonah G. Hogan (age 18)


Lee Chapel Letter  (PDF – opens in a new window)