Hello, Mr. Edgerton

From: “Arvid Friberg” [arvidfriberg@yahoo.com]
Date: Jul 29, 2018
Subject: Hello Mr. Edgerton
To: hk.edgerton@gmail.com

It has been around 40 years since I last talked with you in Asheville I believe. I have been enjoying your videos and hope you are adding more history to this site. I came to Asheville and became a damned Yankee. I hope to return but am a Veteran receiving treatment in New York. Long ago we talked of the cause of the Civil war not being all about slavery but bigger insidious misuse of power in the North East of America where the British trained lawyers made those involved with the Shay’s Rebellion suffer so badly. This continues and in my area of New York the greatest antagonism and slavery jargon is done by those stealing property now from the poor and primarily blacks. A very sad situation that makes me want to run back to Asheville. The hate they are breeding sickens me and luckily I have had you videos to at least get through to a few people about the consequences of their politics and the true meaning of out liberty.

Hope we can keep in touch. Maybe you could visit New York for a speaking engagement.