See Posting I Made A Few Days Ago To Your Support FB Page—-

From: “Fred C. Wilhite” []
Date: Jul 29, 2018
Subject: See Posting I made a few days Ago to your Support FB page—-
To: []

The below links need to be shown at the top of the page on your supporters FB page where it will be seen by all each and every time they log on to that link. I tried
to have the owner or administrator of your FB page place those link where they would be seen as soon as one logged on. No luck as of today, perhaps a word from you could
Get-ere-Done! Thanks Fred C

Here is the link to your supporters FB page I am talking about. It was post a few days ago and you will need to scroll down a long way to find it.>

Call me as time permits. —

The administer of this site should have your Paypal link pasted to this page with instructions on how to donate to HK!!! If we all truly are supporters of HK, it
takes more than a few postings on a Facebook page. Also sign-up for his newsletter, which should be listed here as well. HK has a live link to PayPal listed in his postings.
Jayce– I agree the war has now gone after our founding Fathers and will not stop there. The Marxist have no shame and never quit. I hate to think what the future will
hold for our grandchildren. Unless we can have millions join us in this battle and do all possible we are in for a hard road ahead. WE are working on a new web site that
will give folks a chance to vote where they would like their small donations ($5.00) to be used. we will post the link here when it is up and running.

Thanks– Read & Learn
Fred C

Try this link to donate money to help HK in his daily battles.

And sign-up for his newsletter here Thanks Fred C

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