Conversations In The Streets / Request to Publish

From: “Lance Thate” []
Date: Aug 10, 2018
Subject: Conversations In The Streets / Request to Publish
To: []

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

Each time I read one of your open letters, “Conversations in the Street”; I feel a kinship in our mutual love of preserving the history and culture of our American experience. Without respect for the Confederacy, which it so rightly deserves, the American experience cannot be fully experienced.

Today, we are engaged in a conflict between those who value individual liberty, and those who subscribe to the collective tyranny of socialism. Sir, I believe we have a common cause.

I also feel a kinship in the style of your demonstrations. In early 2011, our Town Criers took to the streets in costume and with flags. Like you, we engaged the public. Like you, we listened to the public.

Over the years I have encouraged people to find their political activism doing exactly what you do and what our Town Criers do. Not many have the courage to do it. The truth be told, no one has done it. At one point we invited our Congressman’s staff to come and view the favorable response that the Town Criers receive. They would not even come as observers. There is a truth to be found in the streets. It appears few want to find it. We go on.

Our Tea Party has a website and publishes a monthly report. Our Town Crier articles are posted on the website as they occur; the combined articles are emailed at the end of the month. Currently, the website is viewed on an average of the thousand people per day. The monthly report is sent to 4500 patriots. We also publish on Facebook. You can view the website at . If you go to the archive section on page two, you will find articles about you and pictures of you, Jill Pacetti, and Dave Heimbold our Media Chairman.

Mr. Edgerton, we would be honored if you would provide us permission to include your “Conversations in the Street” in the Town Crier Committee Report on a regular basis. I believe we are kindred spirits.

Lance Thate