Thank You For Your Stand

From: “Ryan Millwood” []
Date: Aug 24, 2018
Subject: Thank you for your Stand.
To: []

Hello Sir, My name is Ryan Millwood. My email address is . I saw your interview in Chapel Hill. I wanted to say thank you for taking a stand and speaking truth. My Grandfathers Generations ago were Confederate Soldiers. One of them that i know of died in the War. And their lives mattered. With out them I would not be here. So the issue of destroying these monuments especially monuments to honer the Soldiers. Is very concerning. I live in Asheville as well. And that’s why I’m contacting you now. Your interview will most likely go viral. And you know how these liberals in Asheville are. I was able to find your address in about 2 minutes. So if I can find it so can they. I want to let you know that if you have issues with them protesting your house or coming to your home Please call me . 8282425318 . I understand you are a grown man who obviously isn’t afraid. But I won’t you to know my self and others will stand with you. All you have to is call and I will be on the way. Thanks again love & blessings Sir.