I Very Much Respect You

From: “skip wall” [foxiiikit@gmail.com]
Date: Aug 28, 2018
Subject: I very much respect you.
To: [hkedgerton@gmail.com]

Dear Mr Edgerton.
Thank you for your words and thoughts.
I look up to good men like you.
As you I believe in God and country.
I have long believed that we must look at history from the point of view when it happened.
We fought many war’s overtime.
The only way to learn is through history.
It matters not what skin color we are.
We are all Gods children made by his hand.
We will be in trouble until we teach the Young the history of this nation good and bad.
Like you I very much like Trump also.
I hold in my Hart a day when we the children of God live for the greater good of all the people.
Thank you sir for what you do.
Clinton Wallace.