Your Talk Last Night On Patriot Soapbox

From: “Sculptrz” []
Date: Aug 29, 2018
Subject: Re: Your Talk Last Night On Patriot Soapbox
To: “” []

Hello Mr. Edgerton,

My name is Andrea and I’d like to thank you for your info last night on the YouTube channel. I would love to know more especially since I am black and would like more details on what really happened with black people, black soldiers in the south during the Civil war.

I’m 60 and though I knew about black confederate soldiers, it’s not nearly what I should know. It intrigues me you say whites and slaves were family since I have always heard differently. Part of my family is from South Carolina and part from North Carolina. I’ve never been told any such comraderie. I only have known my grandmother having to meet her grandpa on a hilll away from prying eyes because he was Native American or my dad being in the segregated army with the Tuskegee group during WWII for examples.

I don’t have any hate regarding those days thanks to my good and fair parents. My mom (dad is passed on)is even intrigued since I told her a little of your story. I/we could listen to your truth of history for hours. If ever you could have time to talk on the phone I’d be honored. You will probably be in more demand now since last night.

In the meantime, could you please direct me to some of your sources of information about the black confederate soldiers, your sources on Mr. Lincoln too please. The audio wasn’t good last night so I couldn’t hear what you said. Of course I was educated to believe he was a great ’emancipator’ but I knew he was not a fan of black people in general! Thank you for your conviction in spreading the truth. It is a battle right now of good and evil. I couldn’t have imagined this. I do stand in support of Mr. Trump despite rabid opposition from fiends and especially family. It’s not easy.

Sorry for the long email. Here’s my number in case you feel inclined to educate me. 219 616 8671

Thanks, LOVE And God Bless,

Andrea Moore