Your Interview On Patriot’s Soapbox

From: “Freebird” []
Date: Aug 29, 2018
Subject: Your interview on Patriot’s Soapbox
To: []

Dear Mr. Edgerton,

I want to thank you for coming on the Patriots Soapbox with Good Dog and Radix. I LOVED YOUR STORIES ON HISTORY! It is so important our children and grandchildren learn the truth. I am red headed freckle faced white as white can be gal. My eldest daughter from my short first marriage is biracial. She has five children and they are white, black, mexican, (and they always insist I include Irish), we span the globe. haha. They were here with my husband and I this summer and I was constantly correcting what they said they learned at school. I am not exaggerating. It was a two month, let me tell you the truth kiddos. Ignorance breeds hate.

You should consider writing a book for young children! Shoot, I would buy several cases and hand them out! haha. I sincerely had tears in my eyes listening to the periscope of you in your inform preaching truth. You are a breath of fresh air, Mr. Edgerton. I am really looking forward to hearing you again.

Sincere thanks,

Sue Ables
Olathe, Kansas