Independent Journalist Visiting The Area

From: “Adam Roberts” []
Date: Sep 3, 2018
Subject: independent journalist visting the area
To: []

Hello, my name is Adam Roberts and I am an independent journalist. I will be in the charlottesville area this weekend and it would be great to get a few words from you about everything that has been going on down their with the statues and maybe a few others about the history of the confederacy. I seen a few clips of you online and you seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject. I’m not even sure if your currently in N.C. or close to Cville, I read that you live in Ashville. But if it’s in the general area of those two towns I would be able to travel to you. I’m a Yankee but don’t hold it against me…. haha.. I hear so much about this stuff from people that don’t know what they are talking about so It would be great to get your point of view.

You can respond to this email or call or text me at 347-503-9993

I appreciate your time,