Thank You

From: “Tammy Nyman” []
Date: Oct 21, 2018
Subject: Thank You
To: “”

My email is, but do not feel obligated to answer. I just wanted to tell you how you made me feel. Dear Sir, I just had to message you. As a Southern bred and raised(no longer in Arkansas) you are a breath of fresh air! It is a shame that so much of history being taught is false or exaggerated. I have a lot of relatives that fought in the Civil War, only a few were Union, overwhelming amount of Confederates. When I learned my heritage, that my relatives had slaves, I was very disgusted to learn this. No human should be a slave. But I was also proud that they stood up and fought for the South and their families. A conflict of feelings. Then I learned that this white girl, (though I am hardly a girl anymore) has Black roots. Congo, Cameroon, Bantu. I was very excited about this though it is a small percentage I have learned of many Black cousins. I hope this term, does not offend you. It is hard to know what to call anyone anymore. So as God’s children and your roots and mine being similar, I was so pleased to see your video. Thank you! Thank you for spreading the real history of the South. Southerners have been put down for a long time now.You give me hope for humanity. You have helped ease my mind some what. My slave owning relatives were not all bad. I see some left land to their slaves. I now have different images in my mind. Maybe, just maybe, some of these slaves were though of as family and treated with the dignity they deserved. Thank you Mr. Edgerton! May God Bless you and your family!!!


Tammy Nyman