Re: Open Letter & Report / Silent Sam & Duke University

From: “Rashad” []
Date: Dec 18, 2018
Subject: Re: Open Letter & Report / Silent Sam & Duke University
To: []

I read with interest regarding the UNC’s caving in to Maya Little and her LGBT thugs.

What public safety is involved with these statues and monuments?.

The Southern people are under attack by the New World Order. In fact Almighty God is under attack. The Union Negro that comes to the south need to go back North and solve the problems facing the Black community in the public schools, such as the teaching the kids to accept sodomy, the filthy music and other things that should be protested.

I guess that would be hard to do because the agenda that is facing the destruction of the entire country is to accept sodomy in the schools and work place. This is how the destruction of the Roman empire fell.

Black folks in the south never complained about those monuments. The NAACP which is a Northern white organization is in bed with George Soros and the LGBT sodomites working to take America down. Its. a lie that these monuments are a danger to society. The real danger is the New World order and the promotion of sodomy in this country not the Confederate monuments. George Soros, the Sodomites, the democratic party and NAACP are guilty of the destruction of the moral fabric of the nation.

Southern people should not cave in to these enemies of the southern peoples monuments and history.

Finally all southern people should pray for President Trump. He is keeping the New world order in check in their efforts to destroy America And American Christian values. And pray and Support HK Edgerton who is out front protesting the attack on southern history.

Kindest Regards,

Reference: An Open Letter & Open Report / Silent Sam & Duke University