Re: An Open Letter & Open Report / MLK Parade In Cross City, Florida / Living King’s Dream

From: “Rashad” []
Date: Jan 24, 2019
Subject: Re: An Open Letter & Open Report / MLK Parade In Cross City, Florida / Living King’s Dream
To: []


I read with interest your email regarding the Martin Luther King Parade in Cross City Florida. The Southern people must continue to come together before the evil forces of the Deep State and the New world Oder can take over the South.

Its going to be a hard road to keep up the unity of the southern people. The Deep State owns most of the infrastructure and money in the country.

They have hired their minions and stodges to institute filthy laws that are currently dividing the country and poisoning the unsuspected youth of the country.

The Deep State and the New World Order control the Media and the filthy entertainment industry. Its sad to see how these misfits have poisoned the minds of the youth in the country against the President. The NAACP, the Black Congressional Politicians are enemies to their people. They all need to be voted out and the black people needs to drop their support for this Communist NAACP organization. The NAACP and the Black politicians are using the people to do the bidding of the Deep State and the so-called New World Order. They hate to see the unity of any of the Southerners in Parades like the one in Cross City Florida.

My advice to the Southern people is to stand firm on Dr. Kings ideas of Brotherhood. Its going to be hard because the Deep State and the New World Order have managed to capture the minds of the youth.

Most of the American youth are currently spilling out hatred and mean spirited ideals at every chance they have to do so in public. The Deep State need chaos among Americans in order to succeed in entirely taking over the country.

The country needs people on the caliber of Dr. King and Rev. Billy Graham.

Most of the American people have lost their sense of morality. Most All of the Politicians in the Legislative Branch of government and in the bureaucratic workers in high levels are self centered and they have Joined the Deep State in ruining the country and poisoning the minds of the people.

The Democrats and their party members are committing treason against the United States or should I say the Divided States. Most went to Breakfast parties for the remembrance of Dr. King’s Birthday celebration. They are all fakers. They no not what King stood for neither do they care.

Here is some good advise for the Southerners both Black and White citizens; they must come together in order save the country.

Black folks need to drop their membership in the NAACP and vote out the Black Congressional Politicians.

White folks need to wake up and see that their politicians have signed pledges and allegiance to the New World Order and the Deep State.

Finally we all need to unite around President Trump. He is trying to do what is right for America. The wicked and mean spirited Media is doing all they can to demonize this man and call him racist. All lies that can’t be substantiated. Show me the proof that this man is a racist.

The Deep State and New World order is holding Americans in fear to speak out about what’s happening in the public schools in America. People are afraid to speak out against the sodomites. Remember the speech Dr. King spoke about being silent of wrong doings. This agenda is taking this country to hell and everybody is afraid to speak out about this agenda for fear of being jailed.

These people have used the Civil Rights bill to push their filthy agenda.

The public schools are pushing all kinds of filth to the children. Parents watch these people who control the schools. They are dangerous.

What’s happening in America at this point in time would have sicken Reverend Dr. King and Reverend Billy Graham.

Keep up the good work of demonstrating love and Brotherhood. in the south.

God Bless all of the people who came together for this Great March of Brotherhood in the MLK Parade In Cross City, Florida and May God Bless President Donald Trump.

Kindest regards,

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