Thank You

From: “kavanaugh” []
Date: Feb 1, 2019
Subject: thank you
To: “”

Good Sir,

I certainly appreciate the work that you are doing to defeat the deception that is imposed on many and to fortify work done too, by others. I have little time to read much, as my King James Bible is my primary reading material (for the Word of God is my nourishment), however, I read 2/3’s of the Kennedy’s “The South was Right” and intend on finishing it. And I will devour the material you have on your website. It IS refreshing that you stand firm on the truth and I pray that you will continue in your work exposing the darkness of the yankees lies. May the Lord God Almighty, through His Son Jesus Christ grant you unending favor in your crusade of truth and your relationship with Him.

We both know the wrong country won the war of northern aggression.


John Kavanaugh
Cle Elum, Washington