The Door Of No Return

On Feb 12, 2019, “DON CLARY” [] wrote:

Dear Mr, Edgerton,

If you don’t mind, I need to ask your opinion on a matter that has been troubling me. In my Sunday school class, our teacher has posted a picture of
“The Door of No Return” on the podium. Its been there for several months. This is my problem. I know slavery is wrong and don’t support it at all.
But when I see that picture, I see something different. I see the door to Jesus. The South taught the slaves to read from the Bible and so many of them were
saved. There are many good Christian black people here now and that’s because of their ancestors, I think.

I can’t talk to my class about this because I’m afraid they would call me racist. I respect your opinion. I’m hoping you will answer this and if you agree with me
I’ll read your words to my class, if that’s okay with you. And if you say I’m wrong then that will be my answer to my prayer. Either way It’s all right.

Thank you very much,


Lois Clary


From: “HK Edgerton” []
Date: Feb 12, 2019
Subject: Re: the Door of No Return
To: “DON CLARY” []

Dear Ms. Lois,

I believe in my heart that those Africans who were lucky enough to make it through the so called Door Of No Return and arrived into the Southland of America were the
lucky ones because they would eventually be brought to Jesus, and that is the great irony. They could have found themselves in a place right now so much different than the
greatest nation on earth built on a Christian foundation with religious freedom.

And I, too, am not trying to defend the world wide economic institution of slavery that still exists to this very day for those Africans coming through that very same
door who will never be led to Jesus and the home he described for those of us who have come to be born as Christians. God bless you, and be not afraid to speak the truth
of what is before you.

It is so unfortunate that black folks were taught after the War For Southern Independence to turn away from the Southern white man by those who came from the North.
Rev. Mack Lee, the body servant of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee, who was educated off the funds given to him by the General, and who built the first Credit Union
in America to help his people, and who built churches in both the North and South, told his people…..

(1) Buy yourself some land.
(2) Get yourself educated.
(3) Keep your faith in our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.
(4) And trust only the Southern white man.

I hope that I answered your question. It is the best that I can do. Share my thoughts if you choose to. God bless you, and your congregation.

Your brother,