Nice Man From Yesterday

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Date: Feb 24, 2019
Subject: Nice man from yesterday
To: “H K Edgerton” []

My Post-

“This is what it was all about yesterday in Oxford! I am so blessed to have stood together with HK and unified many who have stood alone in the Indoctrinated town of Oxford that want a voice! I am praying this will help those who want to be free to stand for their history. There will always be those who do not want to know the truth or accept facts… but each person we liberate is a joy and reaffirmation of our mission! Do not hate and create division- open your hearts & minds to the belief that we can all stand together for America! I will not stop or be silenced EVER- the reward of serving the Lor* and my heroes is a wonderful daily experience. Yes there will be the incessant harassment from those who have major issues… par for the course. But head high on that positive road… truth is such a beautiful thing! Happy Sunday to All and Have a Dixie day!”