SCV CA Division, Re-Confederation with H.K., March 8-9

From: “Jim Millsap”
Date: Mar 13, 2019
Subject: SCV CA Division, Re-Confederation with H.K., March 8-9
To: [], []


Hopefully by now you and Terry Lee have arrived safely back home from your journey out to “Dixie West” .

I just wanted to say “God Bless You my Brother” for making the journey out west to join our California Re-Confederation. There’s just not enough words to describe
your inspirational speech at last Saturday night’s CA Division banquet – “God loving, Family loving, Brotherly love, Southern Pride, passion for the Truth “, just to
name a few that come to mind.

Your book on the Historical March Across Dixie is a journey of a lifetime and will be passed down to our families and future generations to come. I will follow Terry Lee’s instructions to watch the video with family members and many friends so that the book comes to “Life”.

I know a lot of folks took many pictures; so I will leave you with some of my favorites including the UDC ladies.

God Bless You and Your Family,

Deo Vindice

Jim Millsap
Camp Commander, Father A.J. Ryan, Camp 302
Sons of Confederate Veterans, San Diego, CA