Greetings From Doug Kilpatrick

From: “Douglas Kilpatrick” []
Date: Mar 22, 2019
Subject: Greetings from Doug Kilpatrick
To: “” []

Hello Mr Edgerton. I live in Central Florida in the Lakeland area. and just wanted to let you know that the Confederate monument in the downtown historic district
has come down two days ago. It finally became a victim of political correctness. The city council most likely had a vote in secret and behind closed doors to make the
decision. It cost 250,000 dollars to move and may possibly be placed behind the Civic Center right across from Section 8 housing projects.

I applaud your effort to educate others about the Civil War. I know how hard it must be to convince people when they are blinded by lies that have been repeated over and
over. I had mini protests with posters in Downtown Lakeland, Florida and received only positive comments from all races of Americans. There was even a Muslim family that
stopped and read the posters and gave us two thumbs up. Positive results from Black and White Americans. One boy saw the Confederate flag and asked if anybody had a match.
After he circled the monument five or six times on his bicycle, he finally stopped, read the posters and looked at the pictures of all the races of soldiers along with
biographical information. The smirk on his face was gone when he walked away and his jaw dropped. He said, “That ain’t right for them to take this statue down.” He was just
one of many who thought the same thing. Over a hundred fifty people stopped and talked with us. One guy gave a Nazi salute to the monument and was followed around the corner
by two people who engaged us in conversation. They corrected him and told him that it was very disrespectful to do what he did. He came back and apologized.

This evening I made a post on Hi5/Tagged and used one of your pictures in the officers uniform. I spoke of the statue coming down and how it represented the hundred
thousand black soldiers, hundred twenty thousand Native Americans and five thousand Hispanics who also fought for the South. I spoke of them as being the best Calvary men
and sharpshooters the South had. I added some photos of these individuals. I was threatened to have my account closed and deleted as I violated their terms of service. They
made me take them down. I guess that in this politically correct/socialist world we no longer have the freedom of the first amendment.

I hope you have a wonderful evening and keep doing what you are doing. You are awesome in my book.

Doug Kilpatrick