Request To Address COSA Commission By HK Edgerton

From: “LM S” []
Date: Apr 13, 2019
Subject: Request to Address COSA Commission by HK Edgerton
To: []

Good day, Mayor Upchurch,

Over the past couple of years, Mr. HK Edgerton has made several requests to speak to the Commission, unsuccessfully, and he is hoping you will remedy this, and so he is renewing his request to you.

Mr. Edgerton is the past president of the Ashville, NC Branch of the NAACP and is a civil rights activist. He now speaks and works tirelessly for another disenfranchised minority group, the black descendants of Confederate veterans.

He has been following the Plaza Memorial and the Loring grave issue and believes he can provide a point of view of the discussion that has, until now, not been heard, and he offers his assistance in this formal request to address the COSA commission.

The benefit he can provide to COSA cannot be rendered in 3 minutes, and it is unreasonable to expect a prominent citizen such as him to travel 3 states away for such a pittance of time.

It is unfortunate that your predecessor didn’t accept Mr. Edgerton’s request, for if she had, this issue may have been previously resolved. Hopefully, you will, and based on current events, sooner rather than later.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Attaching Mr. Edgerton’s bio for your review.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Lola Sanchez


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