From: “David” []
Date: Apr 27, 2019
Subject: Meeting?
To: []

Mr. H. K. Edgerton,

I view you as a very knowledgeable and honorable man.

That passes on knowledge, history and heritage. That should should be learned and never be forgotten.

I live in Myrtle Beach, SC. I don’t know if you have any plans to be in this area anytime soon or somewhere close anytime soon.

But I would really like to get together with you! I’ve been on your website and I have watched a boatload of your videos on YouTube…

Even if it’s just one on one to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just coffee. I’ll buy!! 🙂 Wherever that might be in the southeast. I’ll travel…

When I went to school in the early 70s in Orlando Florida we were taught proper southern history.

When my parents moved back up north. The schools, indoctrinated us with fake history. A huge difference between schools in the north and the south!!!

(We can talk about that together)

I went to the library and I learned about southern history. I learned about the war between the states.

I would enjoy to get together with you, to fill in the blank‘s that I didn’t find in the books or forgot. Not to mention the deep admiration and respect I have for you.

God bless you, protect you in your travels and always!

With the deepest respect and best regards,

David Hodgman