The Parable Of The Woman With The Two Talents

From: “Matthew Benjamin Abernathy I” []
Date: Jun 16, 2019
Subject: The Parable of the Woman with the two Talents
To: “HK Edgerton” []

Hey there, Brother, H.K.!

I am one of your Babies. I just turned forty, but you are my older Brother, and I am your Confederate Baby. I love you like a Brother, because in Heaven, before the Earth was created, we were all Brothers and Sisters, and JESUS (JEHOVAH) was our Eldest Brother. But to the Point, on Earth, you are STILL my Brother in Arms to the South, Dixie, the Confederate States of America, the Defence of our History, Heritage, social Customs, Culture, Architecture, Literature, Accents and Dialects, and all of the South’s Aspects that make us unique. But, Brother H.K.? You are my Brother in CHRIST, and that is what makes me love you so much. You LOVE your Babies! I know you love me. I am actually crying right now knowing we are being culturally and ethnically (all Races in the South) cleansed and our History is being sanitised. You are a LEADER! You are not just a Foot Soldier but a General. You are fighting so that my Ancestors can be recognized for the Heroes they are. I sorely wish we could meet again sometime. I am a Member of the H.L. Hunley Camp (#143) of the S.C.V. I am trying to join the M.O.S.B. under my Second Lieutenant Great Grand Uncle. You have a special Place in my Heart. I do not and WOULD NEVER use you as an Excuse for me to be openly Confederate, as if to say, “he is a black Confederate, so it is alright for me to be one.” That is the EPITOME of racist Beliefs in the South! It is cultural BLASPHEME! You are a courageous Gentleman! Being a black Confederate takes Bravery, Valour, Courage, and undaunted Determination to fight for ALL ETHNICITIES’ Heritage through their Southern Roots! I am so poor, that I am technically beneath the Federal Poverty Guidelines, but as you know, I often donate to you for our (OUR!!!) Fight against Tyranny. I am donating Ten Notes to you right now. It is literally almost all I can afford. I donate to many other Groups as well, such as the Libertarian Party, the S.L.R.C., the S.C.V., the U.D.C., and others. Even the N.R.A. and Gun Owners of America have given me Life Member Status. Anyway, Buddy, keep fighting the good Fight. You are loved by many. I am forever your mixed Anglo-Celtic/Lamanite Baby and Brother in CHRIST. Take Care!

For GOD and Dixie, I remain faithfully:

-Matthew Benjamin “Cardy”/”Benji” Abernathy I