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Good day, Shima Oialee,

Mr. Edgerton asked me to contact you about your interview request.

First, thank you for your interest in Mr. Edgerton and his story. How did he come on your radar?

I’m looking for some information on you and your work. Is this your organization? Do you have any credits or are you a producer to this group?

What is the ‘theme’ of the podcast that is envisioned? Can you provide a proposed list of questions for Mr. Edgerton in advance?

When would it be broadcast? Who are other guests contemplated?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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Date: Jul 8, 2019
Subject: Re: Interview with HK Edgerton
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Hi, Lunelle! Thank you for your email.

I heard about Mr. Edgerton through Pamela Foster’s work. She’s an academic who focuses on Southern pride, country music, and the nuance of Southern history.

I work under the umbrella of Radiolab/WNYC with a brand new company called Good Trouble, created by the show’s host Jad Abumrad. Our show reaches about 11 million people a month and has won a few Peabody’s, and the show’s host and editor won the MacArthur Genius award. Our first main project under the new company is with Dolly Parton. We’ve interviewed her for several hours, her family members, the VP of Dollywood, Marty Stuart, Charlie Pride, music theorists and thinkers, and many others. Here is an example of something we’ve produced on country music:

The show is called Dolly Parton’s America – it’s focused on where Dolly came from (Appalachia), her music, and also the many businesses that have emerged from her empire – Dollywood, Pirate’s Dinner Show, and Dolly’s Stampede. We will also be taping one of our episodes from the Grand Ole Opry during Dolly week this coming October.

This series will be broadcast starting late September through the end of the year (nine episodes total). Everything is taped ahead of time, so if there is anything Mr Edgerton would not like on record, he can let us know. We would like to ask him questions about Southern history, heritage, and pride, because these are themes in Dolly’s family history and also touched upon at her dinner show, Dolly’s Stampede. We are seeking a nuanced perspective. I am happy to draft questions ahead of time and submit them to you.

Thank you for reading this, and please let me know if you have any more questions.


Shima Oliaee