Fort Monroe

From: “Mudkat Blues” []
Date: Jul 19, 2019
Subject: Fort Monroe
To: “” []

Dear Compatriot Edgerton,

As a fellow member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (Camp 1964 Charlotte County Grays) I am reaching out to you sir to see
if you are aware of the goings on at Ft Monroe. They are intending on removing the arch including Jefferson Davis’ name from the
grounds. This arch was given to them by the United Daughters of the Confederacy some time ago. Forgive me for I don’t recall the
date it was dedicated. I have sent my “2 cents” via email to the organization seeking public comment about the issue but have yet
to hear back from them. Please if you could reach out to them and help us stop this from becoming yet another nail in the coffin
for the federal government trying to silence and rewrite our legacy and history.

You have been such an influential person helping myself and so many others learn so much more about these brave men I must
thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you are ever in Amelia Va and find yourself needing any assistance please feel free
to contact me. My young family doesn’t have much but whatever we have we will gladly share with you. My eldest son just came of
age to become a full member of the SCV and my youngest son is becoming a cadet member and are involved in living history events
and honor guard grave dedication presentations. Thank you for all you do.

Yours Truly

Travis Easter