Dolly Parton Interview

From: “HK Edgerton” []
Date: Aug 7, 2019
Subject: Dolly Parton Interview
To: “Shima Oliaee” []

Dear Ms. Oliaee,

I had looked very much forward to your interview, and am sorry that you and Ms. Lunelle could not garner a time.

I grew up listening to Ms. Dolly, Charley Pride, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and a host of other country western singers. It was because I worked as a dishwasher at 3 Brothers Drive In Restaurant on nights during the weekend.

I can tell you she was a prophet when it comes to what a man needs to do to win a Southern country girl’s heart. And her song titled, “Don’t Take My Man Away,” depicts a display of honesty that Southern people can relate to.

Ms. Parton belongs not only to her biological family, but to the whole of the South, who are so very proud that one of our own has done so well.

The recent name change of her annual welcome home extravaganza (Dixie Stampede) to Dolly’s Stampede at first glance hurt a lot of this family, because they truly believed that Ms. Parton had joined the ranks of the many high profile Southerners and Southern politicians who sold them out because of the false narrative presented by the Northern news media with a photoshopped picture of the Southern Cross in Dylan Roof’s hand after he killed nine black parishioners in a church in Charleston, South Carolina which has ushered in an era of Southern social and cultural genocide.

However, true to her understanding of her heritage and that of her family that loves her so much, she did not dis-invite the Sons and Daughters of the Confederacy from participating in her welcome home party.

And don in the uniform of the Southern soldier, and carrying his Colors, I and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, the Daughters of the Confederacy, the Ladies of the Order of the Confederate Rose marched and hugged almost every man, woman and child who all along the parade route had gathered to welcome Ms. Dolly home.

And, if God willing, I shall be there to wish her her well at the next Dolly Stampede. God bless you!