Knoxville’s History Fair

From: “Richard Park” []
Date: Aug 19, 2019

Commander Peavey:

I appreciate your kind words concerning this matter. I will not push the issue with my fellow Camp 87 Compatriots but “I” do not belong where people-in-charge condemn the Battle Flag and do not let us display it. It is part of History, our Gray Forefathers, and the South, and if people would only care to research it’s origin and what it really stood for, but no, these people don’t want it displayed because they don’t want the “few” to complain. I, for one, am taking my own personal stand. I felt so bad for H.K. Edgerton, my friend and Brother, to travel to Knoxville and was told he would not be able to unfurl his Battle Flag. It was like cutting off the Man’s right arm because that Flag is part of him and his arm. Of course, our Camp Officers complied with the order, even though I feel they didn’t like it. H.K. was allowed to carry the First National but it wasn’t the same. I feel his pain—never has he and his Flag suffered such an indignity. He took it like the great Man and person that he is, and performed well that day. I never heard one complaint and I was there all day. I am ashamed that Knoxville treated him that way and the way they treat our Camp. We do, however hold most of our monthly Camp meetings at the History Center Building and in this particular event, we are able to sell our merchandise and try to recruit new Compatriots, so I am on my own to do what my conscience says what I should do. Must be some of St John’s Ranger part of me that will always be present! You take care, Sir.

Ut Fidem,
Sgt Parker