Shreveport, Louisiana Monument In Trouble!

From: “Vincent Rice” []
Date: Nov 21, 2019
Subject: Shreveport, La monument in trouble!
To: []

I live in Shreveport, LA. No other place in the south did the Cross of St. Andrew fly longer than it did in my home city after the war had ended. It took weeks for word to get to Shreveport that the war was over is the reason. Our Confederate monument is a very special one due to the fact that in that spot was the last of all confederate flags to be brought down. The poverty pimps of my city are fighting the Daughters of the Confederacy very hard to remove that monument. That monument has been vandalized countless times but it’s been cleaned and repaired. It’s days are numbered I’m afraid. The confederate flag has already been removed. There is constant surveillance at that location on the grounds of that old courthouse in our downtown. The city council has already about ruined it’s future. We need you, HK Edgerton, to come and help save our history. We need you to come teach the black community how much that monument means to our black citizens and the white citizens of our city that have no idea the history or the meaning of our monument. The community needs to realize that our monument is just as much the black folks monument as it is the white folks and all other race of folks that fought for our southern region.

(The pictures with the confederate flags are old pictures. There is even one photo that’s so old it shows the old courthouse. Three Caddo Parish Court Houses have stood at this location one replacing the other and then the third replacing the second.)