Please Be Safe, Brother Edgerton

From: “David Brown” []
Date: Mar 21, 2020
Subject: Please Be Safe Brother Edgerton
To: []

Dear HK, I am a longtime supporter of what you are doing. All of your travels and the many many people you have spoken to about the Southern Cross, our history and the TRUTH about the Battleflag, the truth about the Civil War and the Proud Southern Soldiers who fought bravely in it. We have spoken a few times via internet, I have proudly donated to your travels in support of you spreading the truth about Southern History.

Sir the purpose of this email HK, is to say I am praying for your safety and your families safety during this national emergency we are in. This corona virus scare is truly frightening, in many parts of the country people are keeping in doors, some voluntarily others being mandated by their state governments.

Our President Trump is working tirelessly to fight this, having his scientific task force doing all they can to fight and defeat this virus. That being said, we as individuals have to take precautions for ourselves.

I pray HK you are safe, I pray you and your family all are healthy and above all together. I pray God’s blessings, protection and guidance for you and your family, our President, my family and all of us during these days. I pray maybe one day to be lucky enough to meet you sir, shake your hand and hug a true Southern Patriot.

God Bless You and Stay Safe Brother Edgerton.

David Scott Brown
Dio Vendice