General Forrest

From: “Steve Scott” []
Date: Mar 26, 2020
Subject: Gen. Forrest
To: []

Lol i knew that header would catch your attn. Im gonna try to make this quick. I want to personally thank you for your knowledge and truthfulness we have no idea what a impact it has made we will be on the other side shaking hands and it will be growing. I have a small site I never cared much about history until I traced my ancestors and now I love it but when I heard you speak I thought right off you knew the same history i learned about my ancestors. Lets take “Selma” in the 70’s growing up we knocked on black landowners doors and ask to hunt there land and they were so nice even fixed me a plate on thanksgivings one year but Hollywood pumped it up much worse . Im no uncle white tom but to be honest in the 70s we whites and blacks would drink Gin Play Basketball while listening to earth wind and fire. I could talk for days and hope to meet you iether here or on the other side. Ill go but i wish we had an American Indian also to tell the truth like how chief Little turkey and Blount were friends and signed many treatees only years later to be pushed out by the union anyway. His Daughter was Nocalola ” Nocalola Falls Alabama. Bye for now my friend and again Thank You and I realize but others may not but Segregation years were only a result of the cold war also because its one side against another taking offence and none should have ever taken place, it didnt nowere else in the world.

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