Personal Letter

From: “Caelan Burgos” []
Date: May 5, 2020
Subject: Personal letter
To: []

Hi Mr. Edgerton, my name is Caelan Burgos from Saint Cloud, Fl and I wanted to type this letter to you. 1st I wanna say that your my hero, you really inspire me to stand up for what I believe. I have been into the history of The war between the states for a while, I live by a local reenactment and from the 1st time I saw those men in Gray I knew I was gonna do that one day, and now Im a Confederate reenactor and started at 15 and here I am 16 and going. I wear things that show my southern pride and do what I can to teach others the truth about the south and the war, I have succesfully changed some peoples minds but I’ve been called names and received some rude treatment but I never surrender, and that’s why you inspire me so much because you stand up to protect our heritage and that really boosts my mission and gives me hope. I must say your shirts look amazing and I’m gonna get one. You think big, I recall you marching all the way to Texas from North Caralina, so I tried to do something big myself. Confederate history month is indeed a real month designated by the states, so since at my High school we have Black history month and Hispanic heritage month I thought to myself, well why can’t we have Confederate history month announced at school and talk about brave people that served. So I wrote a lengthy letter to my principal and all the others from every High school and Middle school in the district,I wrote about Black Confederates, Women, Native Americans, Immigrants, everyone and named some people and there contributions to prove that the Confederate Army was an integrated Army. Unfortunatley my Principal informed me that the state decides this matter but complemented me and said I am very knowlegable about the war and he’s willing to sit down with me to discuss it further. I don’t consider it a failure, just a lesson that tell’s me where I must direct my attention and who I must persuade to allow Confederate history month to be apart of the school curriculum. But because of you, your my symbol of hope and a reminder that I must never give up and defend my heritage no matter what. I watched your speeches on youtube and have learned a lot about the Confederate battle flag, I never knew it was the Christian cross of Saint Andrew and I watched you recite a poem “I am their flag”. I want to express my apreciation and admiration to you and God bless you, God bless Dixie. ,Caelan Burgos