I Appreciate You

From: “Robert Sunukjian” [rsunukjian@yahoo.com]
Date: Jun 29, 2020
Subject: I appreciate you
To: “hk.edgerton@gmail.com” [hk.edgerton@gmail.com]

Mr. Edgerton,

I wish to convey my thanks and appreciation for your stance on southern heritage, the pride in the confederacy, as well as the stars and bars battle flag. I have read just a little about you, and have watched a few youtube videos of you speaking to believe that you are a man of conviction, faith, and honor. I am from Boston, Massachusetts, but I moved to Virginia in 1995. I have a great pride in my own New England heritage and I respect American history. I do not think of the confederate soldiers as traitors as many may. I consider them to be Americans who believed in their cause and they had the conviction to fight for their beliefs. I see you as a man who does the same. I hope you are in good health, and I pray that your message never dies or gets lost.


Robert Sunukjian