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From: “Maurice Wascom” []
Date: Jun 28, 2020
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Dear Sir,

First I must ask the Almighty to continue to Bless you, sir. I never spread “Bless You’s” around casually, lest I ask the LORD to empower some infidel. I am 72, born in Baton Rouge the first time and at a church camp near Louisville and Macon, Mississippi in 1964, right in the midst of Olen Burrage and his band of devils.
It didn’t take me long to realize that I was on the Right Track, but going in the Wrong Direction. My apologies for a long introduction. My vision is compromised by cataracts, which result from daily Prednisone therapy. I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube, and today found your website and email address. I’m hoping for some “Mobile-friendly” information and content – perhaps it’s there and I have just missed it. This phone is the only internet access I have at present. In closing, I will say to you, “Be not dismayed, but strong in the Faith, and may GOD richly Bless you and yours!”

P.S. I had two great-grandfathers, one in gray, the other in blue.