My Support

From: “Joe Rinaldi” []
Date: Jun 25, 2020
Subject: My support
To: []

Mr. Edgerton. I don’t profess to know much of the Southern Man’s history, but I am taken by the history you reveal on your website; a history that has been concealed, manipulated, and that is now, to my great unease, being erased.

You are a standard bearer, a patriot, and a national treasure. But being one man, there is only so much that your tireless efforts can accomplish.

May I suggest the addition to your website of a reading list of scholarly works that further uncover and support the history you so selflessly reveal.

May I also suggest an email subscription so that people, especially the casual observer like me, can keep abreast of your appearances and developments. Us all having busy lives, it’s much easier to keep you in mind when a weekly or monthly email from you lands in my inbox.

I am watching and listening to every interview of yours that I can. I pray that the resources available on your website will be preserved for posterity. What a shame that important history is literally being burned in the name of lies and revisionist history.

My prayers are with you.

Joe Rinaldi