Much Admiration

From: “Rick King” []
Date: Jun 25, 2020
Subject: Much admiration
To: []

Greetings Mr. Edgerton,

I saw one of your videos on YouTube, then followed the link to your Website. I have to tell you how much I admire you for the fact that you “get it.”

I abhor racism in all its forms, especially that of liberals who largely believe black people are incapable of achieving success in our majority white society. It is utter nonsense, and it’s a mindset that serves only as a stumbling block to success.

And the ongoing removal of Confederate monuments is an insult to millions of Southerners who hold the past in high esteem, in spite of the many wrongs that occurred. The removal of the so-called “Confederate flag” is especially egregious, especially in light of the fact that it isn’t even the Confederate flag. Oh, the ignorance of some people. Many people!

When a great man like General Robert E. Lee is maligned, when he is called a traitor, people don’t understand that in that time in our history, one’s first loyalty was to his state, not the country. Which is exactly how Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers intended that it should be. And while General Lee was a slave owner, he was opposed to the institution of slavery, which I’m certain you understand better than I do.

I am descended from men who fought on both sides in the Civil War, and I’m equally proud of both. In both cases, they were fighting for what they believed in.

Please keep up the good fight, Mr. Edgerton!


Rick King