From: “iainhelton” []
Date: Jun 23, 2020
Subject: Courage
To: []

Dear Sir,

You are a man of great rectitude and courage, as a descendant of Confederate veterans myself, I salute you for your courage to stand for what is right, in the midst of a vicious assault on true history of the Southern people. The foul racism of segregation imposed on us by the Yankee created strife between black and white southerners for generations. The black population both slave and free were loyal to their States, their homes. Should the Confederate States have successfully gained their independence, one million blacks would not have perished through starvation and neglect at the hands of Yankees. Our land was devastated and everyone suffered hardship and hunger. Had we won, slavery would have ended through gradual compensated emancipation and education for slaves, preparing them for integration into the broader society, a society made up of people who had shared the privations of war. The veterans would have led the way out of respect and gratitude towards the brave black Confederate soldiers. All the division and hostility could have been avoided.Every Confederate officer who had black troops serving under had nothing but the highest praise for them. The Yankee did not. It was Republicans who brought division with Reconstruction by pitting the races against one another which, I consider to be the greatest crime in American history. We have always been one people in the South. The battle flag should be considered a unifier for Southern people. Again, sir I have nothing but, admiration for you and for your dedication to telling the true story.

May the grace of the most high God go with you.


Iain D Helton