Eric Flint – 8/9/2009 Message

Dear Brother Edgerton,

Please over look my rudeness, but ever since I have first heard about you, there has been something I have been wondering. How is is that you went from being a Black Activist one day to being a Southern Hertiage Activist the next? In the eyes of both of our peoples, the two of them would seem to be no where near each other. What happened that made you change your path in life? Do you have any scheduled events where you will be speaking near or in Savannah Georgia, I would truly enjoy coming and listening to you. I have heard that you were in Savannah for the past Confederate Memorial Day, I am truly sorry that I missed the chance to hear you speak, I work for the Sheriff’s Department in Chatham County and could not be off that day. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my message.

God Bless You,

Eric Flint


Dear Eric,

I never considered myself a Black Activist. As President of the NAACP, it was my duty to fight for the civil and humane rights for all of God’s children. My mother and father Rev. Roland R.Edgerton taught all of their children that Jesus loved all the children, Red, Yellow, Black and White. contrary to what many people want to believe or think that they know; my mother taught her children to be proud of being from the Southland of America. It never sat well with her the attack on the Southern Cross, and she let me know that when I was President of the NAACP.

Have I been activily involved with social vertical mobility for Black people? You bet your last dollar, I have. Black folks and White folks are family in the South and arguably in the whole of America. We should hold up our end of being productive, contributing citizens as Black folks; And I would fight for the opportunity with everything in my being to do just that.The Honorable Kirk D. Lyons told me that if I joined his organization, the Southern Legal Resource Center” your Civil Rights Fighting Life will come full circle” , he was right! It did not take me long to understand that the key to the room where the table of brotherhood sits that DR. King spoke of is the Confederate Flag. It is the reference point. And when contemporary Southern Black folks embrace it as their ancestors did, we will have overcome. Overcome the planned separation from our Southern White family and the disatorous conditions that has led us to a cess pool of social despair in America because of that separation. I could go on and on, but I hope that you get the gist of my reply to your question.

Your brother,