Eric T. Young – 8/11/2009 Message

Brother pray for me. I had to block 3 friends on Facebook last night. They are pro-Confederate, but when they found out I was a jew ethinically, however I am Christian. They began to send me anti-jewish messages.


Dear Eric,

It breaks my heart to hear this. The Honorable General Robert E. Lee so respected his Jewish Confederate soldiers to the point that he granted them furlough to celebrate their holidays at a time when his other men were denied the same. I don’t even have to mention others who served in the Cabinet of the Honorable President Davis, like Judah P.Benjamin. All one has to do is visit the Jewish Confederate portion of Hollywood cemetery in Richmond and get the gist of what I am trying to relay to you.

It matters not what the color of your skin, religion, point of origin, or accomplishments; there will always be those critics who will dwell in the dark recess of hate. The Lord’s Prayer states, ” forgive us our trespass as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Thereby I firmly believe that as sinners if we truly can ask God to forgive us for the horrendous trespass we commit against him; then we must forgive those who by their hate, trespass against us.

With the injustice and dehumanization heaped upon the people of the South during the War Between the States and the period of so called reconstruction and to this very day efforts to break our spirits by demonizing our symbols ,culture eradicating, and most of all turning us against each other by using their weapon of choice , Black Southerners against White Southerners; it would be so easy to justify climbing into the cesspool of hate for a lot of reasons. God has tested the Southern people and now should we become a symbol of human decadence or accomplish the vindication with his help that we so easily speak of ?

I shall pray Eric that you forgive these individuals as I know that God would want you to, and with his will; for you , our Southern family, and arguably our Northern family who will someday come to understand the truth that divides us, it will be alright for the greatest people on God’s earth.

Your brother,