Re: Eric T. Young – 8/11/2009 Message

From: Gerald Woods,
Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009

Very well stated brother H.K.. I get so weary of having folks within the Confederate movement that have hatred of both Jews and our Black brothers. Scripture states that all the nations are made from ONE blood, so the same blood flowing through those that spew hatred against another is the same that flows through the ones they hate. And if these people claim Christ, but hate their brother, He calls them a murderer and not of Him. You are right about Gen. Lee granting furlough to his Jewish soldiers to observe the holy days. However, both Grant and Sherman issued anti-Jewish orders to their ranks. Along with not casting away Israel, God promised to reserve to Himself a remnant from the Gentiles, and who else can it be but the true bible believers of the Southland? Our nation is the last bastion of christianity that worship the triune God.

In Revelation 12, John saw a wilderness where the woman was carried on the wings of a great eagle to be protected and nourished by God for a time, times and one-half a time. At the time John wrote this, only the new world was still a wilderness, so could this future sanctuary for God’s chosen be right here in the south? Many believe so. So many preachers think the wilderness was Petra, but it was not a wilderness in John’s time. H.K., you are a wonderful ambassador for both the south and the Kingdom of God, amen.

sons and brothers of the Confederacy,
gerald w.