Donnie Wilson – 10/11/2009 Wall Posting

H.K. I have heard you many times but when you gave the “I AM” poem/speech, I was blown away and you brought to tears 4 times as you “testified” to those at Point Lookout Cemetery Saturday. My friends with me who had never heard you couldn’t believe how awesome you were. You are the man!! I kept yelling I AM on my way back to Raleigh, and I even yelled out when I stopped I AM!! People would look at the “crazy white boy” yelling I am this flag!!! IT was so moving with the wind blowing your flag. you were hitting the microphone just right so it was crystal clear and that preacher family backgound delivery… Your dad would so damn proud of his boy this past Saturday afternoon. I look forward to being with you again soon. I will tell Fred he missed the best H.K. speech ever delivered!!!Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the message you deliver in protecting our Southern Heritage and OUR flag. I AM!!!!