Mark Spickard – 10/24/2009 Message

I have been viewing youtube clpis of your CSA support and i am interested in learning in more detail of why you stand with this heritage. I drive OTR and purchased a magazine in GA by mike Scruggs bout the UN-CIVIL WAR. Before reading it i had always had some reservation with the history taught in schools and in general the media.
The sad reality is not all folks are taught to judge a man by the content of his character in fact quite the opposite. Therefore respect of human decency is not universal. I like to believe that every thinkg man knows we are all Gods children and deserving of respect.

Anyhow if you are willing and time permits i’d like to meet you. In addition, you may laugh at this, i have a banjo that has become a trophy with signatures. two of the many signatures on it are Earl Scruggs and Chuck Berry. I would like, if your willing, to have you autograph on it as well.

My # is 859-749-1676,

Mark Spickard.