Duane Wallace – 10/26/2009 Message

Subject: Your Confederate Flag and…Thanks!

Thank you for accepting me as a “friend” recently on Facebook.

I have a question about the Confederate flag you have with you in all your pictures.

The point of the stars in the flag are facing down. I always thought the point should be facing up. I did some research on the Internet and it appears the conventional way of displaying the flag is with the point of the stars up:

Is there a reason the flag you display has the point of the star down, did it not matter during the civil war, or is it just an oversight?

You are a powerful voice for the truth of the Civil War, and appear very well in photos. I just don’t want an improperly displayed flag to be a distraction to your important message.

Thanks again for all you do and for your service.

Best Regards,

Duane Wallace