Daniel Spearman – 10/27/2009 Message

Subject: hello

Mr. Edgerton,

One of my friends here at North Greenville has told me about your stand on the Confederacy, actually, more about your findings on African-Americans who fought for the Confederacy. I am a History major at North Greenville, with a primary interest in European Colonization of the New World, specifically the French.

However, I have read, and have been taught some on the Civil War, but not in a detailed manner. I am interested to hear from you on what you have learned. Seeing that many view the flag entirely on a “slave” cause, it intrigues me about your support for it.

I have learned as much that slavery was an ongoing issue that disturbed the United States from the beginning of the Constitution, due to there being no mention of it in the document. I have also learned the separational issues that were evolving from the issues of the Missouri Compromise in 1820. With all that said, the Civil War is seen in light of the Southern economies’ demand for continued slavery, but I could be wrong.

I may be jumping entirely from one topic to another, but from what I have heard about you, I am entirely impressed. I would like, with your permission, to know your history and findings on historical information involving African-Americans in the Confederacy.


Daniel Spearman