Stan Craig – 10/29/2009 Photo Comment

All I can say is- Praise ye the wonderful LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, for the sweet memory of so many who gladly lived and died for the Freedoms we hold so dear to our heart today. As we daily remember, and honor, those glorious heroes of our past, let us, in this present, perilous hour of dire need, fully commit all that we have, are, or hope to be, to the LORD, and our Land, as did those who set the example before us! Brother Edgerton is a blessed reminder of those of many diverse types of soldiers who stood then, and ought to stand today. They fought together, and we must enter our battles with the same love and respect for those who hold a mutual love and respect for that Banner that flies o’er us!


Pastor Stan Craig

1 Samuel 12:23, 24

Many wicked, greedy, evil, God-Hating men and women have sought, through vile and vicious means, to bring our FLAG down. What they have failed to remember is that we Wear our FLAG upon our heart.