Mike Bruce – 10/30/2009 Message

Re: Macon

Dear HK,

I am so pleased to learn that your family have embraced their Confederate roots and heritage as you yourself have. I have identified three of my great-great grandfathers who fought for Dixie’s independence. All three were injured, one lost his leg, and another was captured by blue bellies in 1864. Yet my extended family members do not openly show their respect and pride as y’all do; in fact, some choose to live in ignorance and choose to feel guilty for their ancestors who sacrificed so much and were the non-slave-holding working poor. Thank you for the inspiration that you are to me. Y’all set a wonderful example for all Southerners – indeed, for all Americans.

About this Tuesday’s SPLC event at Macon State College: I am certain that we could never get a permit to flag/demonstrate on the campus proper even though the event is open to the public, so we would probably be set up at various entrances to the campus, which are one to four blocks distant from the building where she will speak. Without your presence, I believe that we will be most effective by attending the event itself and passing out copies of Morris Dees’ court records revealing his unsavory past. If you have any other ideas for us regarding this event, then please let me hear from you.

If we cannot meet on this occasion, I hope that we can sometime in the near future. I have kin in Asheville and am overdue for visiting. Thank you for your kind attention. May God keep you and your family and comfort you all in your loss and sorrow.

Your brother in Christ,

Mike Bruce

P.S. The attached is a sample of the video work I do for the Cause. You will briefly see a very familiar face marching across Dixie. ;o)


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