Dameon Huber – 11/9/2009 Message

Subject: http://www.DixieRepublic.com

Dear sir,

I must confess that I am new to the idea of the South not being an evil land, as I have thought by education my whole life. I tend to judge people by their character and not color, religion, ETC. But I find it hard not to wonder if standing up for Dixie is right sometimes, especially seeing some of the things on http://www.DixieRepublic.com website. ‘Civil Rights for Southern Whites’? To me that sounds racist. Don’t whites have civil rights? At the bottom of their home page is written these words: (The Political Cesspool Radio Program stands for the The Dispossessed Majority.

We represent a philosophy that is pro-White and are against political centralization.) Pro White? I do not believe in white power or superiority any more than I believe in black power or superiority. We are all human. I admit, that I am not heavily educated. As I tend to forget things and can’t hold information too well. I have a High School graduate Education. That is partly why I write to you. You are educated and eloquent. And the other part of the reason is that being black you can explain things to me in a perspective I lack. Is being Pro-South good? Or is it really a Pro-White thing? I have been to your site, and others but it is hard not to question sources that make statements like “Pro-White”. It is not hard to remember a certain political group in Europe began a regime of “Pro-White” that has since sparked the creation of radical groups polarized towards the “Pro-White” idealism of Nazi Germany.

If you wish to answer and set me straight, I would be glad of your personal input sir. I am afraid that I still have much to learn in life, most especially about the South. I was born here and am a Third generation Southerner and American on my father’s side. I forget my mom’s family history.

In quest for truth,

Dameon L. Huber