Craig Weiss – Friend Request

Hello H.K. It would be an honor to me if you would be my first friend on face book. I know we have never met in person, I am new to all this face book stuff. I am the father of six children. We home school them, and you have added more to their understanding of the south than they could ever have got from a text book. The kids love to watch your DVD March Across Dixie. My oldest is 19 and my youngest is six. Even though we have never met you hold a very dear place in all of our hearts. Maybe some day we can meet face to face. We are way up north in Montana right now but my roots are in the south. My family on my mama’s side (Derryberry) fought for Tennessee most of them and a few for Texas and North Carolina. Hope I am not troubling you, but it would sure be an honor to have you as a friend on face book, if not I understand.

God Bless you for all you have done, and are doing,

Craig Weiss.