Tim Fowler – Friend Request

Good morning, sgt. edgerton,

i met you in charleston, s.c. at the hunley event….just for a moment tho for it was after the event and my troops were in haste to leave and head back to georgia.
i’ve thought about you often, read a great deal about you…and admire you.
if, by chance, you’re ever in clinton, ga…near macon…drop in, i’ll be glad to see you.
we have a small event in clinton each year. this year it will be may 1 and 2, 2010. we reenact two battles that occurred close by…the battle of sunshine church and the battle of griswoldville. our event is an annual fundraiser for clinton historical society.
c’mon down, we’d be glad to have you.

have a good day, sir.

sgt. maj. timothy (cleotis) fowler
oakes’ battery
9th georgia light artillery