Chuck Wilkins – 3/11/2010 Message

Subject: yes sir.

yes sir. my name is Chuck LeRoy Wilkins i want to thank you for everything you have dune for the southern way of life . i went to Jack C. Hays high school in Buda Texas where the rebel flag was the school flag. this was a hot spot in 2000 when the school flag was removed from the school and there is a clip on youtube if you look up Jack C. Hays flag burning. would love to know what you think. i now live in denver colorado i know that even in black hist. most schools do not teach anything of the black conf. solders i grow up in the south and wish more of the states would take a look at how we treat each other. if people would just close there eyes to the color of skin and look deep in the other person before just pushing them away . Thank you for your time And if i can do anything to help in any way just let me know.