Wendell R. Decker – 4/15/2010 Message

Subject: I’d like to commend you, Sir

I was proud of you, for standing up for the truth. What little they let you get away with saying. A GOOD interviewer would have allowed you your say.

Suzy and I were talking about what WE were taught, via the history books, we read in school. I tried to explain that it is the VICTORS that wrote the books. As in the OFFICIAL RECORDS. If you read the Northern side of what took place at a battle and then the Southern side of that battle, you come up with two versions of the same battle. Further, that Lincoln merely freed the slaves of the Southern states. What about the ones, in the NORTH??

As we were discussing this, I notice a new news article. Seems once again the history books got it wrong. Seems now that the Donner Party WEREN’T cannibals, after all. They didn’t turn cannibal. They ate, cattle, horses, their dog and DEER. All noted in recent studies, on the bones collected from the hearth, at the camp site.

You did the best you were allowed to do and we thank you for trying to set the record straight. Maybe it’s their closed minds that actually keep slavery the reason the war was fought????

It would be a pleasure to one day meet with you, and shake your hand, Sir.

Your Obedient Servant,

Wendell R. Decker
Vintage Image Studios